Omarosa Said She Would Never Vote For Donald Trump Again, Not "In A Million Years"

The reality star seems to have changed her mind about the current president after serving as a senior official in his administration.

Reality star Omarosa Manigault Newman, who's on this season of Celebrity Big Brother, said that she would never vote for Trump again "in a million years" on Thursday night's episode.

Manigault Newman briefly served as a senior official in the Trump administration and left the White House in December of last year. In January, the former Apprentice cast member announced she would be joining the cast of the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother.

On Celebrity Big Brother, Manigault Newman said that she struggled working for Trump because of her loyalty. "If we become friends, you'll see how loyal I am, like maybe to a fault," she said.

Manigault Newman also said about Trump, "It's just been so incredibly hard to shoulder what I shouldered for those two years because I was so loyal to a person. And I didn't realize that by being loyal to him, it was going mean I was going to lose 100 other friends."

When asked by other cast members about the hatred Trump's presidential campaign "incited," Manigault Newman replied, "When you're in the middle of a hurricane, it's hard to see the destruction on the outer bands." She also said that working for his administration was "100 percent" worse than taking part in reality shows because, according to her, "this wasn't a game show."

"I made choices, I just have to live with them," she said.

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