No, That Wasn't Actually Justin Bieber Eating A Burrito Sideways

A Justin Bieber lookalike was hired to prank everyone on the internet.

Last week, a photo of what looked like Justin Bieber sitting on a park bench and eating a burrito sideways went viral.

People went crazy trying to figure out if this actually was Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways []

And if it was Biebs, why was he eating a burrito like that?

does....justin bieber not know how... burritos work ?

But, shocker, the whole incident was a prank set up by a group called Yes Theory.

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In the video, which is more than 12 minutes long, the four guys who make up the group explained they wanted to manufacture a viral story.

They hired a Bieber lookalike named Brad Sousa and flew him from Canada to Los Angeles.

Then they took him shopping to help him dress the part.

And staged the whole thing.

"We wanted to prove a point that staging a story, as goofy as it was, can be done much more easily than imagined," one of the members said.


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