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"Jane The Virgin" Will Officially End After Season 5

"It’s the ending I pitched when I pitched the show," show creator Jennie Snyder Urman said.

Posted on May 17, 2018, at 11:37 a.m. ET

Jane the Virgin will officially be ending after its fifth season airs on The CW, the network announced on Thursday.

The CW

Creator Jennie Snyder Urman confirmed told the New York Times she originally envisioned the show ending after four seasons, but after Jane's second year she thought there was enough material to go on for a total of five seasons.

The CW

"It’s the ending I pitched when I pitched the show," Urman said.

The CW

"I couldn’t have pitched them a million of the details that have happened along the way, and it doesn’t have to do so much with the plot and with all the twists and turns," she said. "But the overall structure and what I wanted to say about certain things — structurally, that’s built into the ending."

The show's Season 4 finale ended with a shocking twist (SPOILER!!) when Jane and Rafael learned that Michael is alive.

The CW

According to Urman, Season 5 will delve further into his mysterious disappearance.

The upcoming season will also explain the future fate of Jane's love life and the book she's working on.

"I’ll be emailing the writers pretty soon — I want to hear all of their dreams of things they haven’t seen Jane do," Urman said. "That could be on a fantasy level, it could be a conversation, it could be anything."

The CW

Meanwhile, we're just gonna cry for a bit.

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