“How To Get Away With Murder” Actor Charlie Weber Said He’s In Denial About The Show Ending

“Emotionally, I’m not going to deal with it until it’s over,” Weber told BuzzFeed News.

After six years on the air, Shonda Rhimes’ How to Get Away With Murder is coming to an end. And as production gears up for the midseason finale, Charlie Weber, who plays the role of heartthrob Frank Delfino, told BuzzFeed News he’s not ready to deal with the fact that the show is ending.

“I think everybody’s sort of denying that,” Weber said on AM to DM, BuzzFeed News’ Twitter morning show. “Because we know it’s the end, I’ve been sort of just trying to enjoy my time with these amazing people and the amazing work put in front of me.”

How to Get Away With Murder joined Rhimes’ Thursday night lineup on ABC in 2014, following the success of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. The show stars Viola Davis as Annalise Keating, a law professor in Philadelphia who lives a double life after she gets involved in a murder mystery with some of her students. Frank’s beloved character is one of her employees.

“Emotionally, I’m not going to deal with it until it’s over,” Weber said, explaining that he’s still in “work mode.” But once the show’s over, it’ll be “bittersweet and melancholy” for him and the rest of the cast.

“I think everybody’s sort of dealing with it in their own way, but for me I’m trying to stay in it, completely in the moment of it," he said.

According to the actor, the midseason finale will set up the show for “an exciting back half of the season,” but, he added, he’s completely in the dark about what’s to come in the finale. Weber also said he’s not sure if the finale will leave room for the possibility of a spinoff after the series ends.

One of the perks of working on the show, Weber said, is acting alongside Davis.

“Initially, you’re just sort of in awe of her, and once you settle in you just get to sort of watch this master class of what it is to be an actor. ... She’s capable of such brilliance,” he said.

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“There are days where it’s just a lot of work, and she has a way of being able to settle in and do all of that work and still keep it at a certain level that I’ve always really admired," he added. "That’s something that I’ve tried to take away [from this experience].”

Throughout his acting career, Weber said he never thought he would play a character for as long as he’s played Frank on the series. He said the past six seasons have “been a joy and a challenge,” and he’ll miss playing the character and showing up to work with his cast members.

“I hope I’ve played him with a heart. He’s a very complicated man,” Weber said. “All the things that he’s done have come from a very misguided love that he has for people, and I just hope people have enjoyed it.”

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