“House Hunters” Appears To Be Considering Abandoning Its Longtime Narrator

Andromeda Dunker, the show's signature narrator since 2009, told BuzzFeed News she only became aware of the change while watching recorded episodes on her DVR.

After 20 years on the air, House Hunters seems to be considering dumping its longtime narrator as it experiments with a different format for the wildly popular HGTV show.

Fans have taken to social media in recent weeks to say they’ve noticed something strange in newer episodes: The voice of beloved narrator Andromeda Dunker — who’s voiced thousands upon thousands of episodes of the HGTV show and its many spinoffs — is absent for the first time in a decade.

Took me a while to figure out why the format of this House Hunters episode felt so weird. No narrator!

Four of the nine episodes in the latest season of House Hunters do not include her or the show’s usual narrated format. Instead, the prospective buyers explain their thoughts and progress while touring each house and also in sit-down interviews on camera.

HGTV and Pie Town productions, the company that makes the show, didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Reached for comment, Dunker told BuzzFeed News that she first noticed the change herself a couple of weeks ago when she was watching a newer episode that she had recorded on her DVR.

Still, she said she was grateful to have been involved with the show at all.

“I totally realize how fortunate I’ve been to be a part of a show that’s lasted so long and that people clearly love,” Dunker said. “I’ve been on the show for almost a decade and to watch it grow into this phenomenon has been incredible.”

When she took the job in 2009, Dunker became the third narrator in the show’s long history, after Suzanne Whang and Colette Whitaker. (Whang served as the on-camera host for several years, before the show switched to the off-camera narrator format used today.)

Although never seen on camera, Dunker has become a signature part of the House Hunters franchise thanks to her dulcet, singsong narration. After BuzzFeed News tracked her down in 2017 for her first-ever media interview, HGTV began featuring her more. Just last month, the network published a video of Dunker giving a tour of her own home on the HGTV social media channels.

Dunker said that for now she’s still recording upcoming House Hunters episodes. She’s also still working on the spinoff series House Hunters International, which is made by a different production company.

“It’s really rare for a show to be this popular for this long and for someone to have a job like this for 10 years. I feel really lucky,” Dunker said.

“Would I love to keep doing it forever? Yes.”

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