Frank Ocean Thanked Everyone For Not Letting Him Forget He Had To Finish His Album

"Haha." HAHA?!

Frank Ocean fans had a lot to be happy about this past weekend, considering the artist finally dropped a host of new music after much waiting and anticipation.

On Friday, Ocean released a new visual album on Apple Music titled Endless, and as if that wasn't enough he also gave the world ANOTHER album yesterday, titled Blond.

Frank Ocean. What. Is. Happening.

There are currently two versions of the spelling going around — Ocean spells it Blond but Apple Music spells it Blonde. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

AND we even saw a music video for "Nike," the first track off his latest album.

The artist also updated his Tumblr with some new gems, like the lyrics to "Nike"...

...a couple of different visuals...

...and a message thanking his fans.

Most importantly, Ocean admitted that, yes, he's been paying attention all along and he knew how BADLY we all wanted this album.

He wrote, "Especially those of you who never let me forget I had to finish."

Apparently he was aware of all the jokes people were making.

Hence the whole "never let him forget" thing.

I wondered where Frank was hiding and drew a bunch of pictures of him but alas we found him!

"HAHA," he said. HAHA?????!!!

Guess the joke's on us.

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