Have No Fear, There Will Be A Fifth Season Of "Grace And Frankie"

Season 5 of the original Netflix series will premiere in 2019.

Grace and Frankie, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, will be back for another season, Netflix confirmed on Wednesday.

Season 5 of the original Netflix series, which premiered its fourth season in January, will debut sometime in 2019.

And if that isn't already exciting enough, Netflix also announced that RuPaul will be a guest star in the upcoming season playing a character named Benjamin Le Day.

Fonda also tweeted at a fan that the show will be back in 2019. "You want in??" she asked.

Yup, 2019. You want in?? https://t.co/ukUA37c6RT

RuPaul also responded to her tweet about the news.

Does @DollyParton sleep on her back? YES!!! https://t.co/FDx10Gg9DI

As did Tomlin.

Let's do this. @RuPaul @Janefonda @GraceandFrankie https://t.co/tSuKJoka75

Costume designer Allyson B. Fanger has also been posting behind-the-scenes glimpses of Grace and Frankie Season 5.

And they're only getting us more excited!

Is it 2019 yet?!

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