Constance Wu Didn't Seem Pleased That Her ABC Show "Fresh Off The Boat" Was Renewed

The Crazy Rich Asians actor who stars on the ABC sitcom later appeared to walk back the negative comments she made on social media.

Crazy Rich Asians actor Constance Wu expressed displeasure Friday that the ABC sitcom she stars in, Fresh Off the Boat, had been renewed for a sixth season.

Wu made her feelings known in a series of messages on social media Friday, tweeting after the announcement, "So upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh. Fuck."

The actor, who plays Jessica Huang on the sitcom about a Taiwanese family who has immigrated to the US, also tweeted, “Fucking hell.”

A fan then responded, “Congrats on your renewal! Great news :),” to which the actor replied, “No it’s not."

When Fresh Off the Boat’s official Instagram account posted a photo of the cast with the news that the show will be coming back for Season 6, Wu commented “Dislike” on the photo.

It’s unclear if Wu would want out of her contract with the show to pursue a film career after the success of Crazy Rich Asians, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination.

Representatives for ABC and 20th Century Fox, which produces the show, had no comment. And reps for Wu didn’t immediately respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.

However, Wu later tweeted that everyone was "making a lot of assumptions about what [she] was saying."

That was not a rampage, it was just how I normally talk. I say fuck a lot. I love the word. Y’all are making a lot of assumptions about what I was saying. And no, it’s not what it’s about. No it’s not..what this is all about. Stop assuming.

She then walked back her earlier comments in another tweet, saying the messages were "ill timed w/the news of the show."

Todays tweets were on the heels of rough day&were ill timed w/the news of the show. Plz know, Im so grateful for FOTB renewal. I love the cast&crew. Im proud to be a part of it. For all the fans support, thank u & for all who support my casual use of the word fuck-thank u too😘

Wu has starred alongside her onscreen husband, Randall Park, for the past five seasons.

She also starred in the Golden Globe–nominated film Crazy Rich Asians, which was released in August 2018. Wu received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture — Comedy or Musical for her role as Rachel Chu, a Chinese American who falls in love with Nick Young (Henry Golding) and travels with him to Singapore for a family wedding, where she meets his incredibly wealthy family for the first time.

There are plans for a sequel to the successful film, although production details are unclear.


Constance Wu offered an apology — and an explanation — on Saturday for her slew of angry tweets and comments a day earlier about the renewal of her TV show Fresh Off The Boat.

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