These Viral Videos Of Cinderblock The Obese Cat Exercising Are Too Funny

"We are helping her achieve weight loss through a prescription diet and exercise," the animal hospital wrote on Instagram. "She is not on board with the exercise 😂."

On Oct. 19, Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington, uploaded a video of an adorable, extremely large cat named Cinderblock using one paw to move on a treadmill as part of her weight-loss regimen.

In the week since that first video went up, Cinderblock has become a viral celebrity.

Since then, the vet has periodically posted updates of Cinderblock's progress, including a video of her walking — reluctantly — on the treadmill on all fours.

People can’t look away from this hilarious cat who, in the first viral video, was sitting on the edge of the treadmill instead of walking on it on all fours, and using just one paw to move on the exercise machine.

“You working out?” the veterinarian says in the background of the video.

According to the vet, Cinderblock is currently on a “weight loss journey.”

“This fabulous feline is obese, and it is affecting her quality of life,” the hospital wrote in its Instagram caption. “We are helping her achieve weight loss through a prescription diet and exercise. She is not on board with the exercise 😂.”

Cinderblock has won over many hearts in the last week, to say the least. “IN THIS HOUSE WE CHEER ON CINDERBLOCK YOU GOT THIS BB DO THAT WORKOUT,” Twitter user @smolpinkcat tweeted.

“Can we please keep getting updates of Cinderblock's progress? She is the most precious thing in my life now,” Twitter user @_stuti wrote.

Many said Cinderblock's struggle was relatable.

Others talked about how emotionally invested they were in her journey and cheered her on.

I'm emotional invested in a cat's weight loss journey on instagram. We will get through this, Cinderblock.

@OregonProgress We are watching and rooting for you #Cinderblock! You got this!

@OregonProgress you can make her do it but you can't make her like it

The Northshore Veterinary Hospital has continued posting videos of Cinderblock on its Instagram account. In one video, the caption explains that doctors are encouraging her to move around by "scattering the kibble."

“This does also increase her exercise albeit not dramatically," the caption says. "Every little bit helps.”

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the animal hospital for comment. In the meantime, you can follow Cinderblock's weight-loss journey on the Northshore Veterinary Hospital Instagram account.

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