Charlamagne Tha God Stands By His Reaction To Lil Duval's Transphobic Comments

"To me, I did push back," Charlamagne said on AM to DM.

This past summer, comedian Lil Duval made headlines when he said he would kill his sexual partner if they weren't upfront with him about being transgender during an appearance on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club.

Here is the 1st part of the discussion about transgenders with @lilduval

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The comments came after The Breakfast Club cohost DJ Envy posed to Duval: “Say you met a girl and she didn't tell you she was a transgender. ... After four months, y'all had sex and she said, 'Duval...'"

"This might sound messed up and I don’t care,” Duval responded. “She dying. I can’t deal with that.”

“No. That’s a hate crime,” cohost Charlamagne tha God said. “You can’t do that.”

“You manipulated me to believe in this thing,” Duval said. “I can't live with that, bro."

"Now, I do agree that you are taking away a person's power of choice when you don't tell them upfront," Charlamagne said.

"There should be some type of repercussions for that if you do that to somebody," Duval said.

"You should go to jail or something," Charlamagne concluded. "Some charges should be pressed. ... But you can't go around killin' transgenders, Duval."

"I didn't say I'm gonna kill transgenders," Duval responded. "I said if one did that to me, and they didn’t tell me, I’mma be so mad I’m probably gonna wanna kill them.”

Duval did not apologize and, instead, tweeted a joke about the incident.

"Lil duval they waiting on you to apologize" Me:

@lilduval / Twitter / Via Twitter: @lilduval

Charlamagne was criticized for his response as Duval made anti-trans comments.

Eventually, Charlamagne released a statement denouncing Duval's comments:

"We don't condone those kind of hate crimes at all. Not even a little bit. And one thing...another thing I learned this week is that 15 transgender women have been murdered in 2017 and 13 of them have been women of color, that that number could be higher, but I do know the majority of them have been women of color. Like I think one, a transgender woman got killed this week in Atlanta, if I'm not mistaken. So, you know, her name was TeeTee Dangerfield actually, so rest in peace to her. So The Breakfast Club will continue to do what it always does and that provides a platform for the voiceless."

This week, Charlamagne stopped by BuzzFeed's Twitter morning show, AM to DM, and talked about the incident.

"To me, I did push back," he said. "I don't know how much more pushback you can [give] other than to say, 'No, you can't do that. That's a hate crime.'"

"Maybe I didn't push back as hard as a member of the LGBT community would, or I didn't push back as hard as an actual trans person would, or I didn't push back as hard as somebody who actually understands what's going on in that community," Charlamagne continued.

"I didn't know at the time 14 transgender people had been killed in this year. I didn't know that."

"Growing in the public eye ... it's difficult," Charlamagne concluded. "Don't be afraid to grow. Don't be afraid to evolve."

You can watch AM to DM's full interview with Charlamagne tha God here.
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