Antoni From “Queer Eye” Is Opening A Restaurant In New York City

Avocados will probably be featured on the menu.

Queer Eye fans who live in New York City are in luck: Antoni Porowski is making over the Village Den, a diner in the West Village, which is expected to open next month.

Porowski told the New York Times that the restaurant will now be a healthier diner that serves nutritional comfort food. One example of a dish he gave was “cabbage rolls stuffed with turkey and cauliflower rice.”

“It was never a dream of mine to open a restaurant. I know how much work goes into it,” Porowski, who plans to be hands-on at the Village Den, said.

The Queer Eye star was initially nervous to include avocados on his menu, saying he was “scarred” by all of the memes that circulated after the Netflix show started streaming, but has since changed his mind and said they’ll probably land somewhere on the menu.

Get you a guy who looks at you the way @antoni looks at someone slicing an avocado #QueerEye

“There is a level of intimacy in sharing the foods that have shaped me,” Porowski said.

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