People Are Screaming After This Guy Mistakenly Thought The Women's March Was Cheering Him

This is so awkward yet so symbolic of the whole damn protest.

Meet Frank Lesser and Erin Whitis. He's a comedy writer and she works in advertising. The couple were on their way to Saturday's Women's March in New York City when they saw something pretty damn hilarious.

The pair were walking amid demonstrators on the Upper West Side when they came across this scene...

A guy on a balcony was wearing what looks like underwear and raising his arms in celebration as he thought the crowd was cheering him on.

Just look how happy he is.

"But they’re actually cheering up above for the woman in the Supergirl costume," Lesser explained.

Therrrrrrrre she is.

Now he's getting it.

“I don’t want to say the guy himself was so oblivious, but there was no photo manipulation going on,” said Lesser, stressing that he wasn’t “judging” the man on the fire escape.

Lesser tweeted out the series of pictures, calling it "that awkwardly symbolic moment." The tweet immediately went viral.

That awkwardly symbolic moment when you're a dude in your underwear who thinks the Women's March is cheering for yo…

“When I was examining it I was like, ‘I could not have posed this better,’” Lesser said.

And people thought it was freaking hilarious.

Whitis, who works in advertising, told BuzzFeed News she thought it was hilarious to see this all go down at the Women’s March, of all places, and described the incident as “kind of typical.”

“I think that’s the underlying message,” Lesser added. “This is a great moment, that everybody’s coming together and supporting these very movements towards equality between the sexes and feminism and the Me Too movement. But there’s an impulse for a lot of guys to be like, ‘No, look at me, look at how I’m approving and supporting all of this.' And I think that tweet sort of encapsulates that."

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s women’s equality," he said.

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