Young Women Are Protesting Against Dress Codes With #IAmMoreThanaDistraction

"Instead of punishing girls for exposing our shoulders and legs, teach boys to have respect for women."

Last year a group of school girls in New Jersey started #IAmMoreThanaDistraction.

The campaign aims to highlight what some believe are unfair dress codes for young women, enforced to stop them “distracting” young men

Props to whoever did this! #iammorethanadistraction

Throughout the summer young women have been using the hashtag to highlight unfair standards.

It's summer. I'm not gonna cover up head to toe just so you won't be "distracted" #iammorethanadistraction

And now that the school year has restarted, the hashtag has received a boost.

so fucking pissed at the American school system. I was dress-coded for the second time this week and both for ridiculous reasons. The first time i got dress coded was for wearing a sleeveless shirt that covered my ENTIRE FUCKING SHOULDER but just because it didn't have any extra sleeving to cover the arm i was dress coded. The second time was today, because i was wearing shorts, and even though they reached my fingertips and were almost at my knee, i was still fucking dress coded. Both of these times i was FORCED to MISS CLASS because my arm/ shoulder area is considered "a distraction" and the area spanning 2-3 inches above my knee is also "distracting". Instead of telling girls that they should be ashamed of exposing simple parts of their bodies such as their shoulders or their legs, and that they are a distraction to men, we should be teaching men to respect women more.
Hi hello I want to take the time to tell yall how fucking dumb my school is. It's happening everywhere else too. If you are wondering what our arms say it says #iammorethanadistraction and we are saying this because WE AS WOMEN and HUMAN BEINGS can not express ourself and dress the way WE WANT. Okay for one they are taking time out of WOMENS education to IMPROVE MENS or should I say boys. Yall are not men and I am not saying this to all men some of yall know how to act. But parents raise your damn son to know how to treat women as human beings and not toys. YES we have boobs YES we have asses WE AS WOMEN can not hide them. If you agree with me use #shaylasmovement and help shayla make a stand for what is right. Cause this shit is BULLSHIT

And apparently this shirt will "distract the boys" #IAmMoreThanADistraction

@LPSorg The dress code is taking away from girls education. #IAmMoreThanADistraction

Young women are using #IAmMoreThanaDistraction to share their frustrations with their school’s and society’s rules.

This is what I was wearing when I was dress coded by a teacher on Friday. Even though it's a high-low skirt, my teacher's own subjectivity believed the front part was too short. When you send a girl home to change because her shoulders are showing too much, or her dress is too short, you are teaching her that boys having a "distraction free environment" is more important than her education. You are diminishing both sexes by perpetuating the ideology that women are objects and men are wild zoo animals who can't control their sexual urges. You are enforcing a rape culture, and making girls to feel dehumanized and ashamed of their bodies. Instead of punishing girls for exposing our shoulders and legs, teach boys to have respect for women.

#iammorethanadistraction bcI have been in school for 2 days and ALREADY I have been lectured about not wearing pants that "cling" to my legs

So my school district wants to disrupt my education just because I want to wear a tank top? Okay. #iammorethanadistraction

#IAmMoreThanaDistraction is one of a number of campaigns aimed at ending prejudice towards young women's choice of dress.

Heritage dress code strike #Wearemorethanadistraction #dresscodestrike #iammorethanadistraction ,

In May students in Toronto started #CropTopDay to protest against the item of clothing being seen as "too revealing".

I got uniform but I'm still supporting #croptopday (sorry if my shoulders are too distracting) #Standinsolidarity

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