You Would Not Believe Your Eyes, There's A New Meme About "Fireflies"


You may have noticed that, unbelievably, the 2009 song "Fireflies" by Owl City has resurfaced recently.

*fireflies starts playing in public* Friend 1: you better not Friend 2: please don't Me:

It's everywhere.

Go in! #fireflies #dance #spongebobmemes #Memes

And now a new "Fireflies" meme has emerged.

The meme involves riffing on the opening lyrics to the song, "You would not believe your eyes / If ten million fireflies."

While — according to Meme Documentation — "Fireflies" has been regaining popularity for months, this lyrics-based meme seems only to have taken off in the past week, and seems to be limited to Tumblr.

There's no real logic to what is written.

It just has to rhyme.


It's really difficult to get through this post without getting "Fireflies" stuck in your head.

Happy eight years of "Fireflies."

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