9 Pups Who Are Celebrating #BTW17

Happy German election day!

On Sunday, Germany held its federal election.

1. And, of course, voters were joined at polling stations by dogs.

"Frauchen, gibt es eine Schweineohren-Partei?" "Ja Hund, die wählen wir aber nicht. Wir wollen keine Schweine im Bu… https://t.co/0UF5WUrVOy

2. Like this wonderful pup.

3. And this democratic Doggo.

#dogsatpollingstations German edition

4. Here's a wonderful hound just happy to be involved in voting.

#GermanyDecides #GermanElections #dogsatpollingstations

5. And this little guy who wants everyone to know German dogs love polls too.

What’s German for #dogsatpollingstations? #BTW17

6. This guy wasn't allowed into vote, but is just happy to be involved.

@Mansehound @BBCRosAtkins @BBCNews Yeah I did

7. Here's a pup making sure its owner makes the best decision.

8. This dog has some pretty strong political opinions.

Protecting the polling station from AfD voters #dogsatpollingstations @ZombieSquadHQ #AfDZombiesBeware

9. And his good pup is ensuring everyone running for election is safe.

10. And a cat, who is tired of all the attention dogs are getting and wants people to know they care about elections too.

Hunde sind nicht gern gesehen im Wahllokal. Aber Katzen? Nun, wir bellen ja nicht, sagt diese diskrete Dame aus Wk… https://t.co/MzkJTPDLLB

'Dogs are not that welcome in polling stations. But cats? Well, we don't bark, says this discreet lady from WK 76/601 in Berlin."