Watch This Guy Nail "Misery Business" And You Will Instantly Love Him

"Big emo energy."

Emory Harris is a 36-year-old from Houston.

Harris is a big Paramore fan and told BuzzFeed News that he's listened to them since his college days and that he's been to seven of their shows.

On Friday, Harris attended Paramore's Houston show. He said that lead singer Hayley Williams recognized him from previous shows, so got him up on stage for "Misery Business." It went pretty well for him, and 21-year-old Mackenzie Sloan caught it on video.

hayley was so flustered the entire time this man was on stage and honestly i don’t blame her

Since being posted, the tweet has been shared over 30,000 times. People really appreciate Harris and his dancing!

Honestly how can this video not cheer you the fuck up

This is my favorite video on the internet

this man's perfectly timed jump into the last chorus is irrefutable proof that he prepped long and hard, hairbrush in hand, waiting for this moment. respect.

So many people were super jealous of him.

I would die to sing with her.

This gives me chills, this is my wildest dream I would die to be up there screaming everyword to this song the riot album is by far the best


Other people just really fancied him.

@macklynne_ wait my mood is her like not getting too close to him bc he’s just that gud lookin and it’s slightly intimidating to be that close to The Most beautiful man ever

@macklynne_ I love him. I don't know him but I'd take a bullet for him

this is the only type of pop punk boy i need

Harris said that the reaction to the tweet has been, "a bit much" but positive, which surprised him.

"If I brought any positive attention to the Paramore tour or made people happy watching then I'm glad," he said. "I'm glad my wife and son were there to see me rock out on stage. We will never forget it."

Harris has apparently had a lot of luck with getting picked at gigs recently. The same week, he was invited on stage at a Thirty Seconds to Mars gig.

You can see more of Harris's performance on his Instagram or here.

this radiates big emo energy.