Someone Made A 19-Minute History Of The World And This Video Should Be Taught In Schools

And a whole WORLD of memes.

On May 10, YouTuber and musician Bill Wurtz published a 19-minute video called "history of the entire world, i guess."

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Last year, Wurtz created a meme when he made a video detailing the entire history of Japan. This year he decided to go one step further, and summarize the history of the entire world.

As the video says, it pretty much covers, well, everything. From when there were quarks and stuff.

To the Axum empire.

And Christopher Columbus.

To the financial crash.

To our modern day.

Of course, the new video has inspired memes.

Lots of historically accurate memes.

And people are just really happy for more history.

this video is such a treasure

History of the entire world, I guess

The only thing you need to watch this month. Brilliant

BuzzFeed News has reached out Wurtz to find out what inspired his leap from Japanese to World history. But for now, this tweet pretty much sums it up.

bout to explain the entire world, i guess

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