This Woman Made A Feeding Chart For Her Cat And People Really Understand Her Hilarious Struggle

Otto's hunger knows no bounds.

Emily Koziel, a 20-year-old student at Michigan State University, lives with three roommates — Lydia, Shelby, and Kate.

Koziel told BuzzFeed News that she adopted Otto when he was 7 months old, and he's really gained confidence in his new home. "When we first brought him home he was super shy and scared," she said. "Now he is super bossy and really cuddly when he wants to be! He's very overweight, I really do try to keep it down but he is just so lazy and bossy."

Otto is so bossy, in fact, that he regularly gets multiple meals a day by convincing people he's hungry.

Last week Koziel shared to Reddit the chart she and her roommates have used in an attempt to combat Otto's morning routine.

People loved the post and, of course, loved Otto.

And they pointed out that, despite the chart, Otto hilariously still managed to get a double breakfast on Wednesday.

People shared other examples of owners trying to manage needy cats.

And just examples of cats being hungry, hungry floofs.

Otto's inspirational behaviour spread around the internet.

Koziel said she's appreciated the response and all the feedback she's received: "The reactions have been lots of laughs and super funny comments. My favorite one was that he will learn how to erase the check marks."

But anyway, here's more Otto.

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