Bill Skarsgård Is So Hot He's Making People Want To Bang A Murderous Clown

"I'm going to hell for this aren't I?"

Last week, the latest adaption of Stephen King's It was released in cinemas.

The film features Bill Skarsgård as the antagonist, Pennywise the Clown.

And if you haven't noticed, Bill Skarsgård is pretty damn hot.

i just spent the last 20 mins spamming my friends with gifs of bill skarsgård i'm not even sorry #BillSkarsgard

So, naturally, this has led to some people on social media now saying that they're *into* Pennywise.

me: hi- stan twitter: im gonna fuck the IT clown

Yep. They want to bang an evil clown.

Oh bby 💕💕🎈 #ITMovie #BillSkarsgard

They totally don't mind the whole murderous bloodthirsty clown bit.

They just see the Skarsgård underneath it all.

stephen king: pennywise is meant to scare u stans:

so this is the man playing pennywise the clown? catch me in the sewer floating sis!

This is the man behind the new Pennywise. Hensem siaaa badut ni hahahah

Even his castmates are encouraging it.


Although some people are so not here for it.

Where are the lies?

This is the man that plays IT .. y'all know I'm tryin to "float" all the way up to his dick

In short: In 2016 we had murderous clowns, and in 2017 we clowns?

there are Pennywise stans on the tl I didn't think it was possible.. Bill Skarsgård done made twitter stan a clown,…

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