Charles Martinet Had A Very Sweet Response When Asked If Waluigi Is Gay


Charles Martinet is a long-serving voice artist who voices several characters in the Mario franchise, including Waluigi.

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If you weren't aware, Waluigi is pretty popular online and has been the subject of several memes. For example, he made an appearance in the web comic "Brawl in the Family," which produced the meme "It's Waluigi time."

And he's also part of the ongoing campaign to get him as a playable character in Super Smash Bros.

RIP Waluigi. 😔 Like and Retweet if you want Waluigi for Smash Bros Ultimate!!

And people are thinking that Waluigi is gay, an LGBT icon, and possibly in a relationship with Wario.

Can somebody please explain to me how waluigi is canonically evil?? Like I’m serious. He just seems like an eccentric gay dude

I'm sorry my kid signed 'Wario is gay for Spongebob' on your son's cast, that doesn't even make sense. Wario is clearly asexual. But Waluigi

So on Tuesday, 16-year-old Campbell, who goes by @soyboyincarnate on Twitter, slid into Martinet's DMs to ask him, "Does waluigi have a boyfriend? is he single? ... is waluigi a gay man?"

attention everyone. this man (the voice of mario, luigi, wario, and our dearest waluigi, among others) is wonderful and kind. thank you, that is all

"I saw a while back that his DMs were open, and it struck me that he was the actual mouthpiece of the character," Campbell said. "It may seem strange but I just like Waluigi a lot. I just think he’s neat. So I, as a queer person, figured I’d ask him what his stance on the is-Waluigi-gay debate was."

Before we dig into Martinet's take, let's just appreciate his first response when asked about Waluigi.

Anyway, Martinet responded to the questions saying, "I have never thought about it."

Then Campbell said that he thinks Waluigi is living a happy life away from the games, and Martinet replied, "Well he is most certainly living a very happy life!"

This isn't the first time Martinet has been super supportive of the Waluigi fandom. He's replied to tweets about the character before.

And according to some sources, Martinet has said before that he doesn't see Wario and Waluigi as brothers, as some people do.

isn't that what we're all looking for?

Not only were people super excited by Martinet's response, but they also just loved how sweet it was.

@soyboyincarnate @CharlesMartinet CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT HE REPLIED WA?

@soyboyincarnate @CharlesMartinet I like the very professional not-answer that he gave. He knows that if he says "yes" or "no" the internet will make a fuss and Nintendo will bust his balls for it, so he dodged like a champ.

People began sharing experiences of meeting him and having lovely interactions.

@soyboyincarnate @CharlesMartinet I got to meet him this past weekend. He is extremely nice and I'm really glad for it

@soyboyincarnate @CharlesMartinet Met him at an EB Games Expo in Sydney with the Nintendo booth staff after the day's expo events, this was at the hotel's bar lounge area. He didn't have to, but he allowed me to shake his hand, say thanks for Mario's voice & get a photo. Lovely man. Highlight of the Expo wknd.

@soyboyincarnate I’ve worked with him before he’s literally the kindest man. I’m happy you got to experience his kindness like this.

Campbell said that the response was far more than he could have expected, and he actually preferred his response to any more direct answer Martinet could have given.

"Some people have replied to tell me that they have tears welling up, or that this was the best thing they’ve read all day. it really kinda restores my hope," he said.

Basically — nothing about Waluigi is confirmed, but the guy who voices him is a legend.

Charles Martinet forever <3

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