Vogue Brazil Photoshopped Able-Bodied Models To Have Disabilities And People Aren't Happy

Vogue Brazil told BuzzFeed News the campaign wasn’t actually created by them, however, they just ran the photos.

On Wednesday, Vogue Brazil announced they would be participating in a campaign to highlight the Paralympic games called “We Are All Paralympians.”

Along with the announcement was an image of two models, Cléo Pires and Paulo Vilhena, photoshopped to appear as though they had physical disabilities.

A post on Vogue's website states that the campaign was designed to give more visibility to athletes with disabilities. However, many social media users disagreed and thought it did the opposite.

Essas fotos da Vogue são tipo "pô vamos representar aqui os deficientes só que não muito, né? Não precisa botar eles nas fotos!! Rsrs"

"These vogue photos are like 'let’s represent people with disabilities but not too much right? We don't have to put them in the photos lololol'."

Many people with disabilities said that they found the campaign insulting.

Que negócio estúpido essa campanha da vogue. Eu que sou deficiente achei O CÚMULO DO RIDÍCULO.

"What a stupid campaign by Vogue. I am disabled and I found it so ridiculous."

Muito boa essa campanha da vogue "olha como eu lido bem com minha deficiência de photoshop". Nossa, parabéns. Heróicos, inédito, inacreditáv

"Really good campaign by Vogue “look how I'm dealing so well with my photoshop disability” wow, congrats, heroic, unbelievable."

ow, vogue, faz um favorzinho e vai tomar no cu? https://t.co/zavd5k0Pg5

"hey, vogue, do me a little favor and go fuck yourself?"

On the publication's Facebook the angry comments continued.

In a statement to BuzzFeed Brazil, Vogue Brazil said that while they supported the campaign, it was not originated by them.

This is not a campaign of Vogue magazine. It was conceived by the actors Cleo Pires, Paulo Vilhena (embassadors of the games) and Africa Agency.

Vogue, together with Globo Conde Nast, just supported this initiative just like we support any initiative that stimulates showing up at the games.

Vogue respects the opinion of the readers that don’t agree with the format of the campaign, but reiterates its compromise in highlighting the importance o the Paralympics. We will continue to support all the initiatives of the Paralympic committee what stimulate going to the games

This article originally appeared on BuzzFeed Brazil.


The campaign Vogue Brazil is taking part in is called "We Are All Paralympians." A previous version of this article referred to it as "We Are All Special Olympics."

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