Tumblr Told People If They'd Interacted With Russian Trolls And Their Reactions Were Hilarious

We all expected this reaction tbh.

Last year, it was discovered that Russia had attempted to use Tumblr accounts to influence users and potentially affect the US election.

Then last week, Tumblr users who had interacted with the trolls received emails notifying them of this. The email stated that Tumblr had uncovered and terminated 84 accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency.

whoa Tumblr just a sent me a bunch of blogs I've followed at some point that they've determined were linked to Russia's Internet Research Agency https://t.co/CtZMMZuEXI

Of course, as soon as Tumblr users got the news, they reacted in the only way they could: through memes.

Many people likened the email to call-out posts.

Others tried to imagine the sort of things the trolls had to do to maintain convincing Tumblr blogs.

And of course, there was just a bunch of dragging Tumblr and the trolls.

Basically, Tumblr reacted as everyone expected.

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