People Are Angry This Reporter Had The Cops Called On Her For Being "Hispanic" With A "Suspicious Truck"

By the way, she’s Indian.

Homa Bash is a reporter for NBC5, a local news network covering Texas's Dallas–Fort Worth area.

On Thursday, Bash tweeted that the police were called on her and her cameraperson, C.J. Johnson, while filming near a school for a story.

When you get the cops called because a 'Hispanic-looking woman & black man with a suspicious white truck & camera'…

Bash tweeted that in the call to the police, she and Johnson were described as "a Hispanic-looking woman and a black man with a suspicious white truck and camera.” Bash is Indian, by the way.

Since being shared on Wednesday, the tweet has been liked over 100,000 times. Some people used it as an opportunity to share their stories of having the cops called for looking "suspicious."

.@HomaBashNBC5 when the cops are called because you are delivering someone's Amazon package in the boonies, and you…

@HomaBashNBC5 Had the same thing happen to me once in New York. So whenever I knock on doors I always have my station micro phone out

Others stated that the incident was reflective of the United States' bigger issues with people of color.

Who was it who said yesterday that there's an effort to criminalize every aspect of POC existence, even work?

@HomaBashNBC5 Oh America....we love you but we're worried about the crowd you're hanging around with.

@HomaBashNBC5 This would be pretty funny if it wasn't against a backdrop of people getting killed for breathing while non-white. :\

Bash later followed her initial tweet with another saying that when the police arrived on scene, they quickly dismissed the call.

Shout out to @PlanoPoliceDept Officer Hunter for being so cool & letting us do our jobs 🙌🏾

Speaking to Dallas News, a representative for the Plano Police Department said they didn't know whether the caller had reported Bash and Johnson because of racial profiling or if it was because their equipment seemed suspicious near a school.

They said they encourage the public to call if they spot something abnormal in their neighborhood and said journalists have been reported to them before.

Bash seemed to take the incident well, joking about it later on.

For the record, I'm Indian and you shouldn't ask a lady her age 😜

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Bash for comment.

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