This Website Is Listing "Anti-American" US Professors

In response, academics around the world have created the hashtag #TrollProfWatchlist in an attempt to dilute entries to the website.

A website where people can anonymously submit information about college professors who "discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom" has provoked a backlash from academics.

The website, Professor Watchlist, lists over 100 professors at teaching posts across the US who have made statements that the creators of the website, members of student group Turning Point, deem discriminatory.

Profiles on the website detail professors' positions and the statements they have had said that are deemed "anti-American." There are also links to news articles that contain further information about allegations.

Examples of controversial statements include a professor saying God is "a white racist," and another teaching a white privilege seminar.

Alana Mastrangelo, who helped put together the initial list of professors, told BuzzFeed News all that those involved with the website did was compile pre-existing information from news articles on the internet, and said they wouldn't add any new information unless it was sourced.

"Turning Point staff, activists, and students came up with the idea after years of noticing wild behavior by professors in the classroom," Mastrangelo said.

"Think of this as something similar to that 'Rate my professors' website, but with actual news articles as sources instead of people's opinions. Many students have always wanted to know ahead of time what they are signing up for before they enter a classroom, and for many, it would be helpful to know if a professor has actually made headlines for past behavior."

In reaction to the website, professor Nathan C. Hall started the hashtag #TrollProfwatchlist, encouraging people to submit comedic or false entries.

a modest proposal: #trollprofwatchlist for best posts on | cc @angry_prof @9_volt88…

Hall told BuzzFeed he started the hashtag after a comment on another thread gave him the idea.

"Starting a fun hashtag that allowed academics to showcase their creativity while also thwarting the site's efforts seemed the most positive way to inform academics about how this site represents the increasingly uncomfortable influence of politics on academic freedom," he said.

I welcome this opportunity to highlight what I have always felt was very irresponsible academic behaviour...…

Mastrangelo said the team behind the website have no plans to take the project further, and simply intend for the list to remain on the internet "the same way news articles exist."

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