This Little Girl Went As A "Spirited Away" Character For Halloween And Became A Meme

Terrifyingly cute.

Momo Lu is a 2-year-old from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. On Friday, Momo's kindergarten held a Halloween costume party.

Momo's mother, Elmo Chen, asked her what she wanted to go as. Her answer: No-Face from the film Spirited Away.

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“Who do you want to go as for Halloween?”


“Do you like No-Face the most?”


There she is.

In a post on her Facebook page, Chan said Momo's costume was so effective she made other children cry.

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"The Halloween party that Momo has been waiting for for ages is finally here. She said Zai Zai (her classmate) would be so scared that she’ll cry! No-Face is alone. When Momo walked into the classroom, no one recognized her, and her friends actually started crying. After school, the best part was when we went to the shop and left with a basket filled with candy and walked around the shops. Her face paint started coming off, but what a happy day. Momo even said she is looking forward to next Halloween. Happy Halloween, everyone..."

Yep. Definitely made other kids cry.

Photos of Momo's Halloween costume quickly went viral, with social media users praising her creativity.

Her costume became so popular that fans turned her into a meme.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Chen said she never expected the costume to go viral, and that Momo is incredibly happy with the outcome.

"She managed to scare her classmates and one cried," she said. "Her wish came true, so she’s very happy."
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