People Are Obsessed With This Korean Streamer's Cover Of "Country Roads"

"This seems like my dream coming true," he said.

Charming_Jo is a 23-year-old streamer from South Korea. He mainly plays video games and sings on Twitch and YouTube.

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Last week, he won fellow streamer RajjPatel's weekly talent show, Twitch's Got Talent.

The streamer, real name Jangwoo Cho, told BuzzFeed that the win brought him a wave of new fans, some of whom requested he sing "Country Roads" by John Denver. So he did. / Via

You can watch the clip here and the full stream here.

People immediately loved it.

Over the past week, the clip has been viewed nearly a million times and spread across social media. CLIP OF THE YEAR, wtf :D


This guys voice

Cho said that gaining the attention of Western commenters was like his "dream coming true."

"I didn't expect those great comments. I am really thankful for the nice comments," he said. "My American dream was to have lots of Western fans."

"This seems like my dream coming true," he said.

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