This Japanese Guy Is Playing Through "Minecraft" With No Instructions And It Is A Joy To Watch

How can a YouTube gaming video be so peaceful?

You may have heard of artist PiroPito thanks to his famous creepypasta YouTube video "Username:666."

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Well, the artist has recently taken on a more wholesome pursuit: filming himself playing Minecraft without any instructions.

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It's just him trying to figure stuff out.

The series started last year, and since then he's had a number of important experiences, like discovering zombies.

And learning to right-click.

People who have discovered the series love it.

i need to go to school but ........................... i just want to watch minecraft lets play by this one specific japanese dude :[[

God its so hilarious how much piropito really makes this immense amount of Creepy Shit that would convince you he completely lost his mind but at the same Fucking time he's just "(0u0) Here's my next Minecraft letsplay! I enjoy doing this so much! Yay!!"

They love his super-calm approach to the game.

this minecraft let's play of a 30yo very calm japanese man who's never heard about minecraft before is fuckin carrying me through the day

His commenters are super supportive.

Although some are *kind of* worried it might turn into another creepypasta video.

The YouTuber, who lives in Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture, told BuzzFeed News that he has no knowledge of the game, not even if it has an end, so is intending to keep playing, until he finds "the end of the earth. So I think I'll keep playing for a while."

“At first, I imagined that if I go around the world, I’d come back to where I originally started. But the world’s too vast, so now I’m guessing that I’m just going to smash into a plain, white space," he said.

He said he's played plenty of other games but has so far really enjoyed the freedom of Minecraft.

"What I love about Minecraft is that there’s no story or tasks you have to complete; you can play on and on doing only things you want to do. Since I have no access to information, it’s full of mysteries."

He just wants to have fun and, most importantly, not have the game spoiled. Episode 74 THE END I will update next episode on Saturday!! ★Please No advise Please!!(0u0)★ #minecraft

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