This Instagram Account Is Just A Sexy Guy Doing Pottery And It's Great

"Pottery is just sexy."

Eric Nathan Landon is an American pottery maker and designer living in Copenhagen. He is the owner of Tortus Copenhagen, and he makes super-sexy pottery wheel videos for Instagram.

According to Landon, he has previously experimented with using various types of media to promote his business, but people seemed to respond best to videos of him on the wheel.

Landon told BuzzFeed News that people's reaction to his videos have been hugely supportive.

"I feel privileged to be able to throw it into a contemporary light. Pottery-making is sensual. I experience this every day. It's an intimate dance between maker and material," he said. "I just try to capture this atmosphere."

Landen also said he has noticed many comments about his impressive physique, which he said "has been made strong from making pottery. I find the comments about sensuality flattering, but I can only take some of the credit. Pottery is just sexy."

For fans of Landen's ~skills~, he said he plans to hopefully carry out pottery workshops across the world, starting in New York in the fall — just in case you want to see his work up close.

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