This Girl's Reaction To Discovering Her Brother Is A Furry Is Entertaining As Fuck

"I will take it down in your sleep."

@itskonomichi is a 23-year-old furry from Florida. His fursona is a red panda called Konomichi.

He told BuzzFeed News that he recently decided to get a decal of his fursona for his room. It was behind his door, so usually out of sight — until his sister, who didn't know he was a furry, noticed it. "She started putting stuff together in her head," he said, "so I just started filming."

So my sister found out I was a furry She did not approve.

Konomichi showed the video to some friends, who told him to put it on Twitter. When he did so on Friday, it quickly picked up over 18,000 retweets. People loved his sister.

This is entertaining as fuck.

And she quickly became a meme.

@itskonomichi Grats. Your sister has entered memedom.

@itskonomichi When you're a meme and kind of hate it at the same time

So Konomichi followed up with an equally hilarious video of her reacting to her memes.


"Once my sister's friends started hearing about the tweet without anyone telling them, we knew it had surpassed even furry Twitter," he said. "And even then the reactions were still positive, and memes and reposts reigned supreme."

Konomichi said the reaction has been overwhelming, and loved how everyone has responded.

"People are loving my sister’s reaction and how genuine it all was."

The artist behind his decal even gave Konomichi's sister her very own fursona.

His sister, of course, responded.

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