This Girl Has Become An Internet Sensation For Her Addictively Gross Videos

She says her videos are a feminist reaction to perceptions of Asian women.

Showry is a Youtuber from South Korea.

She's has become an unexpected sensation for the "weird, sexy, fun" videos she posts on her Facebook page.

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Her videos aren't just weird nonsense though. She's actually parodying a Korean trend caled Muk-bang, where beautiful women film themselves eating.

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In her own videos, though, she does odd things with food, such as sitting in a bath tub of ketchup or, you know, shoving chocolate cake into her face.

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Although, sometimes her videos skip the food and are just plain weird.

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She has said that her videos challenging views people have "about Asian girls."

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"I guess there's no such thing like my video in Korea," She said in an interview in the New Zealand Herald. "And it seems like there isn't that kind of thing anywhere in the world".

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Her Facebook videos individually receive millions of views. She also makes separate comedy videos on her Youtube channel, under the title "The Showry Show."

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