Everyone Loves The Man Who Rescued This Cat Stuck In Ice

A cat-tastrophe :(

Last month, Sergey Baranov, who lives in Zlatoust, Russia, woke up to find a cat frozen to the ice outside his house.

The cat – now called Semyon – was thought to have took shelter under a parked car. Baranov told BuzzFeed News that it would have been below -30 degrees Celsius that night.

Upon finding the cat, Baranov and his wife, Lena, immediately got a bucket of warm water to help melt the ice around the cat. You can watch the full rescue below.

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The video, which has been watched over a million times, shows the cold cat eventually being freed from the ice, and wrapped up in a blanket.

YouTube users from around the world have left comments below the video, praising Baranov for his kindness.

Baranov said that after the rescue, Semyon was taken to the vet where he was given antibiotics and will have part of his tail removed. Aside from this, he is doing well and now living with Baranov.

When asked why he shared the video, Baranov said that he wanted to encourage others to do good.

"You need to help others," he said. "Compassion is what people nowadays seem to often forget about."

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