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Meet The Barbers Providing Awesome Haircuts For The Homeless

The community project has gained notoriety for the ambitious cuts on offer.

Posted on August 10, 2015, at 7:50 a.m. ET

Two Sao Palo barbers are offering free haircuts to the city's poorest residents.

Vinicius Rodrigues and Esdras Gomes started by visiting nursing homes, shelters, and churches offering their services to the city’s poorest. Now they have begun opening up Rodrigues’ salon to young people.

Rodrigues, who owns the Bom de Corte (good with the cut), told BuzzFeed News that the work started last Easter. "We had no resources to buy Easter eggs to give to kids. So we went and gave 18 kids haircuts,” he said.

Facebook: vinehbomdecorte

The men have gained notoriety on social media for their unique and and personal cuts.

“Every cut is different because we never took a class on how to design or draw on hair,” he said. “So someone walks into our barbershop and asks for a specific drawing and we need to figure out if it’s possible to do.”

The outreach has received hugely positive feedback and now the men plan to open a barbershop to provide training for young people with no resources.

“There is no way to explain the look in people’s faces when we finish our job and show them how they look," he said. "The twinkle in their eyes has no value or explanation. It is worth more than a million thank you's.”

Facebook: vinehbomdecorte