There's A Japanese App Where You Battle Sausages And It’s Horribly Addictive


This week, Japanese mobile game company Milkcorp released a game called Sausage Legend.

世界最強ソーセージを決める、謎の格闘ゲーム「ソーセージレジェンド」 ソーセージ振り回して、相手をペチペチして、体力ゲージ0にしたら勝ち。 レアソーセージが空から降ってくる、ガチャみたいなのもある。

"'Sausage Legend' — a mysterious fighting game to decide the world’s strongest sausage.

"Swing those sausages around, slap the opponent, and you win if the opponent’s life bar becomes zero. You can also collect rare sausages falling from the sky."

In the game, you start off as a hotdog, and have to battle other sausages to add other meaty goods to your arsenal, and to win sausage supremacy. You just have to keep going until your health runs out.

When you win a battle, you get coins that you can cash in for more sausages to fight with.

Different sausages are sorted by how common or rare they are, and have different battle advantages, like length or special powers. It's totally randomized what you get next.

You can battle with bratwursts, sujuks, goteborgs...

Even *technically* non-sausage items like bacon, prawns, and chikuwa.

And fyi it's super hard. Like, not-getting-past-two-battles hard.

And super frustrating when you get beaten by something that isn't *even* a sausage.

Then there's the strategic element — choosing your battle sausage is a complex decision that takes into account a number of factors. Longer sausages like bratwursts and hot dogs offer you important reach but can lack strength.

Smaller, more specialized meats can be more powerful, or have special abilities like healing after battle, but often miss your opponent.

How can a game about fighting sausages be SO deep?

You can download Sausage Legend here.

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