There’s A Festival Devoted To Pikachu And It Looks Absolutely Incredible

Dancing, raving, and Pokémon.

The “Pikachu Outbreak” is now an annual tradition in the Japanese city of Yokohama.

"Pikachu Tairyou Hassei Chu” (An Outbreak of Pikachus) began last year to celebrate the release of a Pokémon film.

With the festival returning for a second year, it seems set to become a tradition.

The Pikachu returned this year as part of the Minato Mirai district's annual dance festival.

And they did a lot of dancing.

According to Rocket News, the city was covered with Pikachu artwork, promotional items, as well as multiple themed stages for the different Pikachu.

Including sailor Pikachus...

Snapback Pikachus.

And Hawaiian Pikachus.

The festival ran from 8-16 August and gave fans of the cute Pokémon a truly immersive experience.

And provide the rest of us with videos like this.


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