These Teens Recreated "Mulan" And People Think It's Oscarworthy

For real, this is better than 90% of Oscar-winning films.

A group of teens from Oahu, Hawaii, have recreated the iconic "I'll Make a Man Out of You" scene from Mulan.

three days, five broken sticks, a shoe and volleyball stuck in a tree, and 2883827274832 hours of bloopers ALL for a 38 second video 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 — Micronesian Mulan 👌🏿💛

Glenna Matauto, 17, told BuzzFeed News that the video was an assignment for her broadcast media class. She was told to re-create a movie scene, so she picked her favorite film.

Matauto said the actors are all aged between 15 and 18 and it took about three days to film. She posted a load of the outtakes from the shoot to her Instagram.

After shooting, she put the video online thinking it might get some attention. However, she said she was "shocked" when it reached over 7 million views in two days. People loved the remake.

world: you’re adults now, it’s time to grow 90’s babies: nop.

This was the greatest thing ever

And loved the actors.

Crying at the boy who’s the dragon

Matauto said that her favorite part was when the actor playing Li Shang hit the bags "because it took us a while to get it right."

She is already planning her next video.

WE ARE MAKING A NEW VIDEO. let us know what scene you want us to do next 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

But she hasn't got her grade for the Mulan video yet!

Still, the internet has spoken.

@senseileskee @chelayborracha And the oscar goes to..

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