Photos Of This Guy And His Disabled Father Were Stolen By A Teenager For A Parody Account

The man who had his photos stolen told BuzzFeed News it was "disgusting" behavior.

Over the past few months, an Instagram account called Sanjay Kapoor has gone viral multiple times.

The account appeared to show a man called Sanjay oversharing about his life, including a time when he was catfished by a friend called Durgesh.

Various photos from the account were shared across social media.

However, when BuzzFeed News reached out to the account to find out the story behind the photos, the person running it admitted that they were a teenager who stole the photos.

When asked for more information, the account owner refused, saying it would "make things more complicated for myself and for him."

He said that he had received the consent of the real man to keep going with the parody account.

The account sent a link to another account they claimed was the real person in the photos, but it was locked and was later proved to not be the real account.

On Sunday, a person claiming to be the brother of the man in the photos posted to Facebook, saying his brother, a 19-year-old named Durgesh, did not support the account.

Facebook: sudhanshu.pandey.3333

In the post, Facebook user Sudhanshu Pandey says that his brother's photos were stolen by someone who had a "grudge" against him. The man referred to as Durgesh in the fake account is actually the man's father, who in real life has a disability.

The Facebook post was shared across social media, with many people chiding those for believing in an account which played into racial stereotypes.

Oh wow, that’s messed up. Apparently the photos were all stolen to mock/troll him, reality is, it’s just a guy and…

BuzzFeed News reached out to Durgesh. In a Facebook message, Durgesh Kumar Rai said he was "fed up" of talking about the fake account.

"They are disgusting. No one should never defame a father-son relation for some likes," he said.

Rai did not mention anything about his father or his reaction to this.

A scroll through Rai's social profiles shows a number of photos which appeared on the fake page.

Both Sanjay Kapoor accounts now appear to be inactive or removed.

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