Someone Needs To Convince Me This Picture Of A Bottle Isn't Real

Way too real.

People on Twitter are freaking out after realizing that this bottle is actually a drawing. Yep, that's a drawing.

みやかわ / Via Twitter: @miya_drawing

The artist is a college student named Miyakawa, who goes by @miya_drawing. He drew the Mitsuya Cider bottle with colored pencils.

みやかわ / Via Twitter: @miya_drawing

(The secret is it's cut out.)

みやかわ / Via Twitter: @miya_drawing

He shared the drawing to Twitter last week. Since then it has been retweeted over 10,000 times. He told BuzzFeed News, "I'm very surprised, to be honest. I'm a bit embarrassed that the whole world can see my messy desk now."

空のペットボトル描きました 三ツ矢サイダーの300mlボトルです #色鉛筆画

People were amazed.

@miya_drawing 本物以上です…。

"It's more than real."


"What's going on..."


The bottle is one of a number of 3D drawings he has done. He started three years ago with this Kit-Kat wrapper.

みやかわ / Via Twitter: @miya_drawing

And he has since drawn a range of objects, such as this delicious cake.

みやかわ / Via Twitter: @miya_drawing

And this Rubik cube. He said he normally spends four to five days, two to four hours per day, on each piece.

みやかわ / Via Twitter: @miya_drawing

He said the hardest one so far was the bottle.

みやかわ / Via Twitter: @miya_drawing

"The coloring is very complex and detailed," he said. "I kept thinking to myself, 'What a trouble to draw this!' Though it's me who chose to draw it!"

みやかわ / Via Twitter: @miya_drawing

Despite all the attention his drawings have attracted, for now, he's putting his amazing creations on hold while he focuses on college work.

This post was translated from Japanese.