Two Women On "The Bachelor" Left A Rose Ceremony To Be Together And It Made People Super Emotional

Minh Thu stunned viewers by asking Truc Nhu to "come home" with her.

Back in August, the first season of The Bachelor Vietnam began airing.

Last week, bachelor Quoc Trung eliminated contestant Minh Thu by not giving her a rose.

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However, instead of fighting for him, Thu confessed her love for a fellow contestant, Truc Nhu.

"I went into this competition to find love, and I’ve found that love for myself, but it isn’t with you. It’s with someone else," she said to Trung.

Thu asked Nhu to "come with me." Nhu appeared to agree and went to give back her rose, but Trung and the host tried to convince her to stay.

However, she handed back the rose, and she and Thu left together.

After being aired last week, the clip spread across social media.

Omg on The Bachelor Vietnam, 2 women fell in love😩♥️♥️

So a woman contestant on Vietnam’s The Bachelor confessed her love for another woman !!!! Bitch im rlly screaming and crying rn...this is what America’s The Bachelor wishes it could be

A contestant on Vietnam's The Bachelor confessed her love for another contestant. It's honestly amazing how brave she was. When she said "let's go home together." i FELT IT

People absolutely loved the confession.

“Making franchise history, “The Bachelor Vietnam” is the first version which had one contestant attempted to convince another to leave the show together on national TV.”

the bachelor vietnam apparently just had one of the lady contestants who was being eliminated turn to one of the other women and say "i fell in love with you instead" and "please come home with me" and emotional

Watched a part of The Bachelor Vietnam... A female contestant confessed her love for another contestant so they left together and I cried. That’s all

And many said it was a real win for LGBT representation. In Vietnam, same-sex marriage is legal, but couples lack the same rights as straight couples.


joining the bachelor so i can run off with another female contestant too

two contestants falling in love is what i hope for when i watch the bachelor lmao i love it and it’s in vietnam of all places i love being gay and vietnamese

Some people were mad at the host and the bachelor for trying to guilt Nhu into staying, or even suspected the dramatic moment may have been staged.

ok but the bachelor and host on the bachelor in Vietnam really DEADASS said “u gonna give up this one in a lifetime spot FOR HER??” Acting like she was gonna give up a whole treasure like shut up u ain’t shit boi

Doesn’t matter to me if that clip from Vietnam’s “The Bachelor” is staged or not. Would 100% watch an entire show where beautiful women turn down a rose from a beautiful tuxedoed man & leave together.

bachelor vietnam huh, pretty fun bisexual representation, if by 'representation' u mean 'representation of my often well-founded fears that because i'm bisexual my feelings + desire would primarily be treated as a salacious plot point in someone else's story' i guess

However, it was quickly discovered that following the dramatic exit, Nhu returned to the show, saying she had changed her mind.

I want to be more excited about the Vietnam Bachelor twist but.....

There's a thing from The Bachelor Vietnam going around where one contestant professes her love to another contestant and they both leave the show. I need you guys to know the second woman decided to come back and stayed on the show and they didn't actually end up together 🙃

Yo BACHELOR VIETNAM is wild apparently a female contestant professed her love for ANOTHER female contestant and asked her to leave the show with her and they DID. But apparently the guy bachelor spoke to the girl who got confessed to “privately” and she came back. WTF HAPPENED.

This technically isn't the first time two Bachelor contestants have got together; two former contestants from The Bachelor Australia dated in 2016.

Anh-Thu, a senior story producer for the Vietnamese show, told BuzzFeed News that the scene was 100% real.

"From being able to witness this clip unfold firsthand on our show, I find that the true story here is that love defies labels and can develop in unexpected places in beautiful and complicated ways, and that being able to be true to yourself and having the courage to admit your feelings is powerful," they said.

"In the cynical age that we live in, it’s very easy to believe these things are staged, but if you look at every contestant’s face as well as the host’s, you can tell this is 100% real. There aren't any fast cuts nor do we overplay the scene. This scene breathes on its own."

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