This Very Funny Tweet About An Owl's Orgasm Face Is Unfortunately Probably Very Fake

Experts told BuzzFeed News there was no evidence in the picture to suggest the owl was orgasming.

On Tuesday, the Twitter account for Students For Liberty tweeted out an owl meme that criticized socialism.

Twitter user @USdotard responded to the tweet, mocking the account for using a meme which, according to them, showed an owl orgasming.

@sfliberty Owl expert here! (Ornithologist) That owl is in fact orgasming

The exchange between the two accounts was screen shotted by @AndrewDHudson, whose tweet went viral. It's been retweeted over 19,000 times.

And people loved the sass.

Owl have what she's having.

this is my favorite thing on the internet today

However, there seemed to be some inconsistencies in various parts of this exchange. First the account claiming to be an owl expert was set up a month ago, and its main purpose up until now seems to have been talking about President Donald Trump.

They also appear to have changed their Twitter name to "Dr. Owl" following the tweet.

@USdotard @sfliberty Did you change your name just for this tweet?

BuzzFeed News has reached out to @USdotard to find out more.

Then there's the owl.

The owl picture seems to have come from an old meme about being tired.

BuzzFeed News reached out to several ornithologists to find out whether owls do have orgasm faces, and if so, whether this would be one.

A spokesperson for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds told BuzzFeed that owls don't have what human's consider as facial expressions and they thought the image was a photoshop: "someone has put weird googly eyes in it," they said. "Their face is exactly the same whatever is happening,

It should also be noted that owls don't usually have blue eyes, as shown in the one in the meme.

Jamie Dunning, an ornithologist who has worked with owls, told BuzzFeed News there was no evidence to suggest that the owl in the meme was orgasming.

"Owls do not have an orgasm in the way we humans do. They likely do have some sort of reward mechanism for breeding, but birds has [sic] sex in a very different way," he said. "It really isn't very raunchy in birds."


Twitter user @AndrewDHudson has issued this statement to BuzzFeed

@RachaelKrishna I just want to say I'm really sorry about all this

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