Teens Are Transforming Themselves From "Ugly" To "Beautiful" With The #DontJudgeChallenge

The videos have been receiving backlash for calling certain beauty traits "ugly".

Teens are sharing videos of themselves transforming from ''ugly" to "beautiful" as part of the #DontJudgeChallenge.

The videos start with people showing what they deem as “ugly” features, including thick eyebrows, missing teeth, and acne.

Participants of the challenge then "transform" into their “beautiful” selves.

There are even Twitter and Instagram feeds devoted to sharing the videos.

The challenge claims to confront those who immediately judge people by their looks.


However, the trend has received criticism from many people online.

Critics of the videos feel that instead of empowering young people, they actual mock those with "ugly" features.

The #dontjudgechallenge -> "Don't judge me bc I can make myself look really ugly but then make myself look attractive. I'm also conceited!"

#DontJudgeChallenge just gonna sit this here, enjoy my acne, not perfect teeth & eyebrows or anything really

One critic, Twitter user @abigaildxwns, said of the challenge, "you're just making yourself look more attractive just to show you're attractive."

#dontjudgechallenge Literally so stupid

The #dontjudgechallange is nothing but an excuse for a bunch of attractive ppl to make fun of others all in the name of a "joke"

Others criticized its premise.

THIS IS LITERALLY ME #DontJudgeChallenge 😊😊😊😊😊

guys don't judge me, i worked really hard on this look. #dontjudgechallenge

Social media users are reacting against the challenge, posting videos that end with their makeup-free faces.

This is how #DontJudgeChallenge should be happening. Be yourself😋❤️

In reliation to the challenge, some users have started sharing photos of their "imperfections" with the hashtag #BeautyInAllChallenge.

#BeautyInAllChallenge used to be afraid to show my teeth in pictures, but now i know that i'm beautiful and i love me

#beautyinallchallenge i got p bad acne that you cant see too much in pics (thank god)

you are the love of my life and you are perfect the way you are. #BeautyInAllChallenge

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