Someone Edited A Video Game Character To Look Less "Tumblr" And Everyone Took The Piss

Thicc Pikachu is what peak performance looks like.

So Fortnite is a survival video game in which you rebuild a homeland and defend it from monsters. You can play as a range of characters, including one called "Tank Penny."

At some point following the release of the game, someone edited a photo of Tank to "un-tumblrize" her - make her skinny, whiter, and fit conventional ideas of western attractiveness.

Last week, Twitter user @incantatricks shared the photo.

imagine thinking that a character who actually looks realistic is “Tumblrized”

@incantatricks told BuzzFeed that a friend found the image on an alt-right blog that they couldn't recall.

The image quickly spread across social media. First people got mad.

Then, the memes started.

People started by using examples of changes made to popular culture characters.

@milonssecretcat @incantatricks I hate myself for making this

Damn the SJWs for Tumblrizing furries

But it quickly got weird.

Okay this one is good the meme can stay.