People Keep Sharing This Shocking Calendar Showing A Month In Femicide Cases

"I decided to do it because no one else would, not the media or the newspapers," the creator told BuzzFeed News.

A calendar showing the alarming number of cases of violence against women that happened in Argentina last month has gone viral on Twitter.

Me puso bastante mal hacer esto, pero es la única forma de visibilizar el horror. #NiUnaMenos

"I feel pretty bad doing this, but it's the only way to show this horror."

Ramiro, a 17-year-old from Buenos Aires, Argentina, created the calendar in early April in reaction to what he felt was a refusal by others to acknowledge Argentina's high femicide rates.

Actualizado: -Agregada María Adela, víctima de hoy -Agregadas Karina, Claudia y María Estela, víctimas que no conoc…


-Added María Adela, today's victim

-Aggregated Karina, Claudia and María Estela, victims I did not know."

"I decided to do it because no one else would, not the media or the newspapers," Ramiro told BuzzFeed News.

Actualizado: -Diseño nuevo ---> @juancalde_ -Agregadas Paulina y Cristina, víctimas del martes


- New design, @juancalde_

- Added Paulina and Cristina, victims from Tuesday."

"They just have reported like three or four cases" he said. "The local media only cares about the girls who are from Buenos Aires."

.@juancalde_ Actualizado: -Agregadas María Esther y Alejandra Marcela, víctimas del 19 y del 20 respectivamente.

The calendar includes the hashtag #NiUnaMenos, the Argentinian feminist movement which has been campaigning for an end to gender-based violence. The names included on the calendar are color coded by cases — missing (desaparecida), murdered (asesinada), abused (abusada), and murdered and abused (asesinada y abusada).

Actualizado: -Agregada Tamara, caso que no conocía -Agregada Silvia, víctima del 23 -Corregido el color de Marina


-Added Tamara, case I didn't know."

-Added Silvia, victim from the 23rd

-Corrected the color for Marina."

Ramiro said he set up google alerts to help him accurately connect dates and cases.

Actualizado: -Agregadas Tamara y Carmen -25 FEMICIDIOS EN 25 DÍAS DE ABRIL, vergüenza me da tener que decir eso.


-Added Tamara and Carmen

-25 FEMALES IN 25 DAYS OF APRIL, shame I have to say that."

Throughout April, people shared Ramiro's calendar, expressing their horror at the numbers.

27 días 34 casos

"27 days 34 cases."

"People reacted with concern," Ramiro said. "Concern because no one appears to care about those femicides."



Ramiro said that he may make another calendar for May, but he hopes, "that this stops at the point where an update would not be needed anymore."

Todos tenemos hermanas, o hijas, o amigas, o sobrinas, nietas, novias, conocidas.... BASTA por diosss !

"We all have sisters, or daughters, or friends, or nieces, granddaughters, girlfriends, acquaintances... ENOUGH for God's sake"

An estimated 220 cases of femicide took place Argentina last year.