Some Police Officers Got Stuck In An Elevator And The Fire Department Totally Trolled Them For It

Incredible scenes.

On Wednesday, St Louis Fire Department Chief Gregg Favre shared a photo of a special rescue by his team.

This shot of @KCMOFireDept #Firefighters rescuing @KCPolice from a stalled elevator wins the internet for today.

According to CNN, a group of police officers became trapped when an elevator in the Kansas City Police Academy stalled due to being over the weight limit. The firefighters were quick to come to the rescue, pausing momentarily for the hilarious photo.

Once shared to Twitter, the photo provoked joyful reactions from other firefighters.

Kansas City Police were less enthusiastic.

The police department eventually shared the photo to its Facebook page, assuring Facebook commenters that while all those involved made it out physically unscathed, some egos were "severely injured."

According to one of the firefighters involved, some of the trapped officers were able to see the funny side of the situation.

You can read the police department's statement about the incident below.

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