Russians Are Trolling Elon Musk By Tweeting Terrible Inventions At Him And People Love It

At least 50% of these are better than the submarine.

This week, a tweet went viral for pointing out that Russians have an ongoing meme in which they tweet terrible inventions and life hacks at Elon Musk.

apparently russia has this meme where they @ elon musk in pictures of super stupid bootleggy lifehacky "inventions" captioned "and how do you like this, elon musk?" so as it turns out, no one is better at memes than the russians

Ямы на дорогах Калуги залатали скошенной травой Как тебе такое, Илон Маск?

“Potholes on Kaluga roads covered with grass. How do you like it, Elon Musk?”

The tweets are really good.

А что ты ответишь на это, @elonmusk?

Image text: “Riding but not to you. Flying but not with you.”

“And what would you say to that, Elon Musk?”

The meme started earlier this year but gained popularity when Musk sent his Tesla into space in February.

“Our response to Musk.”

дверь в столовую нашей шараги держит ВОТ ЭТО ВОТ ну че илон маск чувствуешь угрозу??

“The door to our dorm is being held by THIS. So, Elon Musk, do you feel the threat?”

And they have become so popular that there’s a viral fake tweet in which Musk addresses the meme.

In fact, the tweets are so good that last month Meduza reported that some of those participating in the meme had their accounts locked. A similar thing happened to those who changed their display name to Elon Musk, which was revealed at the time to be because of ongoing crypto currency scams.

Только что безобидно пошутил, тегнув Маска, и мне тут же прилетела блокировка. Интересные принципы работы у Твиттера

“Just kindly joked and tagged Musk. Immediately got blocked. Interesting principles Twitter has.”

A spokesperson for Twitter provided the following statement on their ongoing work to prevent spam to BuzzFeed News,

"As part of our commitment to serve the public conversation, we're continuing to fight spam and other malicious behaviors on our service. This is an evolving challenge. As such, we're rapidly developing our response to be more agile and effective in detecting these behaviors and enforcing our policies - particularly as it relates to deceptive cryptocurrency accounts in violation of our spam rules. Alongside the Smyte team, we are exploring new tactics for detecting and removing malicious accounts as we scale our level of impact. "

So in response, people kept tweeting at Musk, asking if he had the guts to ban them.

Неужели сам @elonmusk меня заблокирует?

“Will Elon Musk block me?”

“How do you like that, @elonmusk?”

Не приемли имене @elonmusk всуе (Твиттер 30:7–9)

“Do not take the name @elonmusk in vain (Twitter 30: 7–9)”

But it also didn’t stop the memes.

а как тебе такое, илон маск? @elonmusk

“What do you think, Elon Musk?”

Как тебе такое, Илон Маск? @elonmusk

“What do you think, Elon Musk?”

@elonmusk как тебе такое, илон маск?

“What do you think, Elon Musk?”

Maybe Musk is just scared of competition?

как тебе такое изобретение илон маск

“How do you like this invention of Elon Musk.”

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