Ruby Rose Has Quit Twitter After Backlash To Her Casting As Batwoman

The decision comes after Rose's suitability for the role was debated on Twitter.

Actor Ruby Rose has deactivated her Twitter account following the backlash to her casting as DC superhero Batwoman.

Last week, it was announced that she would play Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, in the CW's Arrowverse.

It marked the first time an openly gay superhero would lead their own television series. The casting was praised and Rose — who identifies as genderfluid — initially thanked fans.

Many people welcomed Rose and celebrated the historic casting.

Hey @RubyRose — Welcome!! It’s characters like Batwoman that will carry our Universe into the future. See you soon!

This means so much to me ❤ Thank you and congratulations, Batwoman! #Hero #Superhero @RubyRose

Congratulations @RubyRose! Can't wait to see you bring Kate Kane to the screen! 🦇

However, there were also those who criticized the choice — some felt Rose was an obvious, maybe lazy choice by the show's creators, or simply not a good enough actor.

no tea no shade but is ruby rose the only lesbian actress hollywood knows or do they just don't want to take any chances by hiring an unknown lesbian actress and giving her a chance to rise in her career?

Can’t believe people are saying lesbians should “just be grateful” with the ruby rose casting news stfu adjsks they googled lesbian actor and ruby was the first to show up and that’s the only reason they cast her I’m not gonna be grateful

They bragged about auditioning only lesbian actresses and one of them could have had her breakout role playing one of the most iconic lesbians in comics and they just...gave the part to Ruby rose.

Others accused the CW of "goywashing" the character's Jewish identity. The hashtags #RecastBatwoman and #KeepKateJewish began to circulate on Twitter.

im seeing opinions abt how people should be angry at WB for & not RR for the #batwoman role. Believe me people are mad at the CW/WB too but to say RR isnt at fault too is wrong. She knows BW is jewish, its in the character description and yet she still auditioned +

@gaykaleidoscope, a 25-year-old from the Philippines who asked for her name not to be published, told BuzzFeed News that she feels the casting of Rose shows Hollywood still has an inclusivity problem.

"They cast a non-Jewish woman," she said. "I personally think it's about time Hollywood truly becomes inclusive and equal of minority groups and of course proper representation. Batwoman is one of the great places to start on that."

lets get one thing clear, people are pushing for #RecastBatwoman MAINLY because the role should go to a jewish lesbian. Yes people also think RR is a mediocre actress but thats the shallow part. JEWISH LESBIAN CHARACTER SHOULD BE PLAYED BY A JEWISH LESBIAN. Its a simple concept.

Actor Ashley Platz became a focal point of these campaigns. After her audition tape for the role of Kate Kane was leaked, people began to say that she deserved the part.

a moment of silence for what should have been — miss ashley platz, MY batwoman.

A petition was even started by one fan, Tantoun, a 30-year-old from Qatar.

Tantoun told BuzzFeed News that she and her friend believed Platz would be a better casting and decided to start the petition.

"Me and a lot of others have seen the leaked audition tapes and Ashley Platz stood up the most; we felt like she is the embodiment of Kate Kane. Not only does she capture your attention in her audition tape, but she is also very physically fit," she said. "We really think that Ashley deserved a chance since she is a newcomer and a fresh face. Tweeting hate isn't going to get anyone anywhere so I thought that the most polite, peaceful way to ask for a recast would be a petition. I hope that made sense."

She also said that those campaigning for a Jewish Batwoman had been, in her opinion, peaceful and that she had received online abuse from Rose supporters via her Curious Cat account.

Last week, Platz tweeted a statement about the campaign, thanking fans, but giving her support to Rose.

Seeing so many people #recastbatwoman and rooting for me. First: I appreciate how much support and love you’re sending my way. Second: I know This role means a lot to Ruby (it would mean a lot to me) and she will work her ass off to fulfill the character. #Batwoman

Rose and Batwoman fans were also criticized by people who feel Batwoman is a "social justice warrior" character.

There are maybe about 7 or 8 people in existence who really want to see a lesbian SJW Batwoman series. Those people are certainly thrilled by this announcement.

Ruby Rose to star as the new lesbian Batwoman because you cannot have any straight, white male characters in 2018. Every new, or rebooted, character has to either be gay, female, black, Latino or more than one of those. Examples Magnum P.I., One Day At A Time, Roswell and more.

Over the weekend, Rose announced she would be quitting Twitter, and specifically referenced criticism of her sexuality.

"Where on earth did 'Ruby is not a lesbian therefore she can’t be batwoman' come from – has to be the funniest most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read," she said in a final tweet. "I came out at 12? And have for the past 5 years had to deal with 'she’s too gay' how do y’all flip it like that? I didn’t change."

The decision prompted many to defend Rose and criticize fan culture.

Ruby Rose gets cast as Batwoman and people are such a-holes they chase her off Twitter. This is why fandom is awful now. No one is happy about anything. Ever. Enjoy all your creators leaving social media because you're terrible and left them with no other choice, fanatics.

I can’t believe the LGBT community went after Ruby Rose for being cast as Batwoman an openly gay character and labeled her a “lesbian for straight people”. What the fandom and world has come to?

Wow. Ruby Rose forced off of twitter due to people attacking her after her casting as Batwoman. The state of fandoms on Twitter is beyond a joke. I love twitter due to the interaction...but holy fuck is it toxic in some areas...and this is one of those cases. Just wow...

However, some of those participating in hashtag campaigns have said in response that their campaigns were respectful and not responsible for Rose's decision to deactivate.

I don't want to see anyone blaming the #KeepKateJewish movement for #RubyRose taking a break from Twitter. We are nothing but respectful in our concerns. If you think it's us and not the straight entitled fanboys who think Batwoman is genderbent Batman, that's antisemitism.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Rothman said that the #KeepKateJewish campaign was never an attack on Rose,

"The campaign is and never was an attack on Ruby Rose's casting, however, that's not to say I'm not disappointed in her casting in the role. The role should have gone to a Jewish Lesbian actress first and foremost, and to me casting a gentile shows that they don't seem to care about accurate representation. However, there's nothing we can do now except let them know how important it is to write the character Jewish and let Ruby know the importance and responsibility she carries with this role. What many people don't understand is that Judaism is not just a religion; it's a culture with distinct traditions and perspectives that influence our every day lives, and that upbringing influences Kate Kane's life just as much as the life any other Jew," she said. "Batwoman showed me that I could be Gay and Jewish."

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Rose's reps for comment.

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