Please Don’t Put Pokémon Go Lures On Children’s Hospitals

Listen to the medical advice...

Recently, people have being sharing this post that suggests Pokémon Go users should go to children's hospitals and place lures so the kids there can play too.

The idea has spread across social media networks.

People have even been acting on the advice.

However, this well-meaning act probably isn't the best idea. The Royal Children’s Hospital provided BuzzFeed News with this statement it sent to a player who wanted to put Lures on Pokéstops near hospitals:

Unfortunately, Pokémon Go can create many challenging issues, as well as safety concerns, for the hospital and patients, and may impede medical staff in their work.

Patients at the RCH are among the sickest in Victoria.

While we understand everyone’s good intentions, we would prefer if people did not place ‘lures’ at the RCH. We have lots of entertainment and distractions for our patients, who are confined to wards and unable to move about the hospital. Placing lures around the hospital, when children cannot leave their rooms, may create unrealistic expectations, and subsequently, much disappointment.

We’d appreciate if you would not encourage ‘lures’ being placed here.

We know everyone means well, and appreciate that the kids are in their thoughts!

Gaming website Destructoid said they received an email intended for staff at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Ohio, warning that the game encourages players to enter possibly restricted areas.

Multiple other hospitals have issued warnings after people have entered the buildings looking for Pokémon.

This is on the door to enter a *hospital* in Omaha. #PokemonGO

But in case you're worried that about kids in hospital missing out on the game, fear not. Some hospitals are using the game to encourage children, with supervision, to move round the hospital.

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just saw a nurse wheel a disabled kid outside of the children's hospital just so he could play Pokemon Go. honesty warmed my heart.

Luke's mom says @Pokemon Go has been a lifesaver to get him out of his hospital room and moving around!

TL;DR: Let medical professionals handle it.