People Have Discovered The Perfect Way To Mess With Your Cat

Just in case you don't know, this is genius.

On Monday, Twitter user Danielle Matheson tweeted an exchange she said she'd had with her mother.

Nobody has had a more productive day than my mother

Twitter: @prograpslady

Matheson's mother had discovered a trick on the internet. She was told if she put a square on the floor, her cat would get into it.

It totally worked!

Matheson's mother's text inspired others to try out the trick on their own cats.

It worked super well for a lot of them.

Others struggled a bit.

@UzumakiDay @prograpslady @dxsolate @dvniicvke @SenorBathroom I WAS WRONG I WAS SO WRONG

~Surprisingly~ some cats refused to cooperate.

@prograpslady "Nope! I will not fall for you Pinterest."

@prograpslady Either cat or square is defective.

But it seemed to work on humans.

According to actual science, cats probably enter the square because it looks like a new territory, and they want to explore.

But whatever the reason is for the special relationship between cats and squares... thing is for certain.

This is a very blessed Twitter thread.

🐱💖 🔲

@Jyngerbread @prograpslady @thathalf_blood Does a luggage count??