Here's Why All Your Facebook Friends Have Added "Please Do Not Swear" To Their Photos

I declare this a meme.

You might have noticed a bunch of your Facebook friends using this photo filter.

The filter appeared to pop up out of nowhere over the weekend.

People seem to be confused about where it came from, or whether it's real.

Some people really hate it and have "rebelled" against it.

the whole "please do not swear on my profile thanks" thing is prob the least funny thing ever

Others have embraced it and turned the phrase into a meme.

The frame originates from Facebook page Senate Salamander. The page belongs to Jack Salamanders, a 23-year-old from London.

Salamanders told BuzzFeed News the idea for the frame came from another meme he saw, which was Joe Swanson and Peter Griffin from Family Guy mashed together. It had the text, "Please do not swear on my profile. Thanks."

He said that last week, he discovered Facebook's camera effects tool and started playing about with frames. He created a load of different options, inspired by the stuff he'd seen on Facebook page ShitPostBot5000, but so far, only "please do not swear" has taken off.

Salamanders said the reaction has been amazing and that he's pleased to have had a viral hit after years of making YouTube videos and other content.

"I'm constantly getting messages from friends about how their friends abroad who have no mutuals with me are using the frame," he said. "This is a weird thing for me because despite pumping out content a lot, I've never had a viral hit and it's all quite a culture shock."

Despite the the huge amount of attention he's receiving thanks to the frame, Salamanders said he fully intends to keep creating new content and frames.

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