A Comedian Is Being Called Out For Doing Yellowface In A Sketch

A sketch showing Moroccan French comedian Gad Elmaleh dressed as a stereotypical Asian character has provoked outrage on social media.

Netflix is facing pressure to drop Moroccan French comedian Gad Elmaleh after material emerged showing him mocking Asians.

Hi @netflix, you are broadcasting a show by @gadelmaleh This man promotes racism by making Yellow Face and racist jokes about Asian people. Do you condone such behaviours? #GadElmalehOutOfNetflix https://t.co/wRDhAPZYUe

In 2016, Elmaleh and fellow French comedian Kev Adams performed on a comedy special, Tout est Possible. The show included a skit in which the men mock Asian people and rattle through a number of stereotypes.

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Since the skit's airing, it has received backlash from numerous people who have said it promotes yellowface.

@netflix @gadelmaleh No we won't forget. They should know what you did. Here you are on the left with your friend @kevadamsss on the right. It was so hurtful and damaging for Asian French People. https://t.co/kyLet3arhN


Last year, DJ Louise Chen wrote a piece about the sketch and how it upset her as an Asian woman.

However, last week, when the show was broadcast again on French television, Elmaleh responded to the article, tweeting out a picture of the DJ and sarcastically thanking her for her support.

Merci @CHCHCHEN_ pour son Soutien❤️❤️❤️ RV tous sur @W9 demain soir pour revoir LES CHINOIS avec @kevadamsss #toutestpossible https://t.co/yZAx2X0YYC

The tweet was one of a number of times recently that Elmaleh posted about Chen on his social media.

Elmaleh also goaded people on social media, posting photos of him in yellowface and using the hashtag, #LesChinoisForEver — the Chinese forever.

Merci à tous pour vos messages.Enorme carton pour "Tout est possible" @w9 @kevadamsss #Les ChinoisForEver❤️

This happened the week after Elmaleh appeared in the US with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to promote his recently released English-language Netflix special, American Dream.

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Elmaleh has previously appeared on Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert's shows.

The media appearances led to people demanding he apologize and asking Netflix to remove his comedy special.

#GadElmalehOutOfNetflix et de où que ce soit d'ailleurs, vos vieux humouristes racistes, on EN VEUT PLUS NULLE PART

"#GadElmalehOutOfNetflix and from everywhere else, your old racist comedians, we don't want anywhere."

#GadElmalehOutOfNetflix face consequences

Gad Elmaleh is C a n c e l l e d

The hashtag has been used around the world to push for Elmaleh's ouster from Netflix.

Because @gadelmaleh is a racist and the Asian community of France is sick of being disrespected with 0consequences #GadElmalehOutOfNetflix

#Netflix, pouvez-vous nous donner votre position concernant le politique au sujet du #racisme? Nombreux d'entre nous attendions votre réponse avant de renouveller notre abonnement. Merci #GadElmalehOutOfNetflix

"Netflix, can you tell us your policy on racism?

"Many of us are waiting for your answer before renewing our subscription. Thank you."

Since Gad Elmaleh is trying to make it in the US, I thought it was important for Americans to know that he’s a piece of garbage who finds it funny to perform skits where he blatantly mocks Asian people. To him it’s “funny” and “not racist.” Now you know. #GadElmalehOutOfNetflix

Vietnam is stunning and Vietnamese people are not only rice eaters #GadElmalehOutOfNetflix #GadElmaleh #Netflix

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Elmaleh and Netflix for comment.

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