People Think This Woman Holding A Child While Coaching Her Team Is A Total Queen

"Dads can barely hold kids when merely watching sports."

A rugby coach has gone viral after a video of her holding a child while managing a team.

Iranian mother holding her newborn in her arms coaches her rugby team Tehran's Stars

The video, posted on Twitter last week, identifies the woman as Zahra Nouri, who manages the Iranian national women's rugby team, as well as working with Setaregan ("Star") RFC, a team based in Tehran.

زهرا نوری،سرمربی تیم راگبی ستاره های تهران با فرزند نورسیده به بغل بازیکنان تیم را هدایت می کند . این ویدئو کوتاه…

Both tweets have since been shared thousands of times. Many people were impressed seeing Nouri effortlessly handle multiple responsibilities.

The team's Instagram page has numerous pictures that show her with the child while working.

The account also shows some of the female athletes with their own children.

Some people responded to the tweets by sharing images of other women athletes with children while training.

@PejmanRahbar #فاطمه_نوری خواهرش هم دقیقا با کودکش میره زمین مسابقه برای داوری. شگفت انگیزن این دوخواهر 👌

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Setaregan RFC for comment.

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